Aftercare Advice

It is crucial that after any professional hair and beauty service you take the right steps to maintain your new look!

Please see below our recommended after care advice.




Hair Colour Aftercare:

We recommend not to wash your hair for at least 48hrs after any colour service.

A professional hair colour shampoo and conditioner is recommended to be purchased and used after any colour service. We offer a selection of these available to purchase from our salon from £16.00. Without purchasing our professional colour protection products we cannot 100% guarantee that our professional hair colouring services will be maintained or last as expected, and we take no responsibility if you chose to use a supermarket product.

"A £5 supermarket shampoo will not maintain a £150 hair colour"

We recommend to wash vibrant or very dark freshly coloured hair in cool water at least for the first 2 weeks, which can reduce the possibility of colour bleeding or fading.

You may get minor skin staining after a on-scalp colouring service which will come off your skin when you next wash your hair.


Hair Cutting Aftercare:

If you have had a big hair style change it may take a few days to get used to your new style. However if within the first 48hrs of having a cut with us your are not 100% happy or feel something needs altering, you we very welcome to get in contact with us and book in for a free consultation, we will then discuss requirements with you and do our best to adjust the style for you  to suit your needs, we can also recap styling products or home maintenance with you to help you achieve the look at home.

Hair Perming Aftercare:

It is crucial that after a hair perming service you do not wash or get your hair wet, including going into a very humid environment, for at least 48hours.

If the hair gets wet during this time the hair bonds will not have set fully and the perm will drop out. It may not be possible to re-perm your hair again afterwards either, depending on your hair condition. Please note that your hair may feel a little dryer or your hair colour may fade or lighten up after a perming service, this is to be expected. Therefore it is recommended not to colour your hair prior to any perming. Perming is a chemical process and will dry out the hair and you should use a deep conditioning hair mask at home after a perm to aid hair condition.

 Please note: after a perming service you will still need to style your hair to achieve your desired look. Use of a diffuser and the right styling products is recommended-  we can advise with this.


Gel Polish Aftercare:

It is important that you do not treat your nails as tools as this will weaken and chip the gel varnish. Wear gloves when washing up or for any water work. Usually when aftercare advise is followed Gel varnish will last up to 2-3weeks. Getting your gel polish professionally removed or soaked off is recommended to ensure the condition of your nail is maintained. 


Brow Waxing & Tinting Aftercare:

After a brow tint we recommend not to get your brows wet or use a harsh cleanser for at least 24hrs, to allow the tint time to settle. You may get minor skin staining after a tinting service which will come off your skin when you next cleanse.

After a brow wax you may get some redness around the brow, this is normal and will settle after 24hrs. Try not to touch the area afterwards during this time as this can cause irritation.



Can I have a hair colour whilst pregnant?

This is optional to the individual. There is little scientific evidence to state that colouring your hair is harmful to baby, however expectant mothers hormones can change dramatically during pregnancy, therefore it is recommended to re-skin test prior to having an on-scalp colouring service to minimise the risk of any allergies or changes. Some clients opt for an off scalp service during pregnancy such as foils instead of a full head colour, we can also offer ammonia free colours to those sensitive to smell- please discuss this with your stylist.



Due to the nature of our services we do not offer any refunds.
If for any reason you are not 100% happy with a hair or beauty service we welcome you to please get in contact with us within 48hrs of having the service carried out, and we will do our very best to discuss any queries during a free hair or beauty consultation which must be carried out face to face in the salon, we will then come to a solution of the query. If you do not attend our face to face consultation or get in contact us within 48hrs usual costs will apply.


If for example if you chip the gel polish within the first 5 days of having them done, we are happy to re apply to that nail. Our therapist will also run through aftercare advise to ensure you are following it.

Retail hair and beauty products can only be returned to us for a refund if they are faulty.


Customer happiness is of upmost importance to us and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and having an outstanding customer satisfaction rating.


We do not tolerate any form of abuse, demands or rudeness towards any of our staff in our salon or via messages or emails.

If you would like to contact our salon owner/manager Konnor or Steph directly please email us at: and we will get back to you within 48hours.